Sunday, December 18, 2011

Keep the Light of Holocaust Remembrance Burning This Hannukah


Westerbork transit camp, the Netherlands, Hannukah 1943.
Children crowd around the lighting of Hannukah candles. The very next day most were deported to Auschwitz.

Hannukah is a time of joy and hope, celebrated by Jewish parents and their children around the world. The brightly lit candles symbolize the triumph of good over evil, weak over strong, and light over dark.

To this day that same message of hope holds true.  Yet there are still those who are intent on spreading a message of hate.

Each year, drawing upon the stories of the Jewish victims and survivors of the Holocaust, Yad Vashem’s educational programs connect more than one million visitors, Jewish educators and students to their heritage, giving them a renewed and strengthened sense of identity, as well as the tools to deal with the challenges of Holocaust denial and antisemitism.

On Hannukah 1943, even in the darkness of the Holocaust, these children sought to maintain their connection to their Jewish heritage. You can help us pass their legacy on to future generations.

Only with your help will we be able to reach our year end goal of $450,000.
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  1. When Dennis Hevesi, using the powerful authority of the New York Times
    as his bullhorn, wrote a weepy obituary last October headlined
    ''[Catholic Polish man ] Jerzy Bielecki Dies at 90; Fell in Love [With
    Jewish Girl] in a Nazi Camp," not every reader was convinced that the
    backstory was true. Was it? Did Mr Bielecki tell a few tall tales in
    the latter part of his life in order to get some
    love and adulatiion from the world around him, including a book about
    him, a documentary and many newspaper articles? Sadly, these things
    happen in a post-Holocaust
    world, where some victims of that tragic event, be they elderly
    non-Jews (as in the case of Bielecki) or Jews, either mis-remember
    what happened in those terrible faraway days or
    they intentionally create fabrications that really amount to hoaxes and frauds.

    The jury is still out on this one, but from all apparent information
    available online, something is not entirely kosher about Bielecki's
    backstory, that the New York Times swallowed
    hook, line and sinker without apparent doing any deep fact-checking.