Thursday, December 10, 2009

Moving Performance Closes Training for Ultra-Orthodox Volunteers

On Tuesday, an extraordinary moving musical performance, "Melodies in the Shadow of the Holocaust," took place at Yad Vashem before a large group of women volunteers from the orthodox communities in Jerusalem. Twelve tunes were performed by clarinet player, Bernie Marinbach, each one having a very unique story, which connected them to the Holocaust. The performance was the finale of a six-session course for women volunteers which came about as the result of a joint venture between Yad Vashem and the Misgav Lakashish Organization. The volunteers will be visiting the homes of handicapped and home bound survivors living in various religious communities within the Jerusalem vicinity and will assist them in filling out Pages of Testimony to commemorate the memory of their friends and family who were murdered in the Holocaust. The volunteers attended lectures and workshops, preparing the volunteers not only by enriching their knowledge of the Holocaust but by training them for the emotional interaction with the survivors, when touching painful memories.

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